What do the different icons mean for the user statuses?

What do the different icons mean for the user statuses?

The icons will be the best indication of where an account is in our statuses for the medical evaluation. 

Envelope (Invited for initial account creation) = Invite but account isn't created. This is the only time an email invite will be sent is for an initial account creation. Any re-invites go directly to the account they initially created and they won't go through account creation again. 

Yellow Icon with Pen (Test not taken) = Account created but medical questionnaire hasn't been taken. They need to log in with the account info they used for account creation. They will log in with their email and password to take the questionnaire. There will not be an invite or re-invite link for this status as the credit is already in the created account.

Green Check = Medical questionnaire was taken and they're approved.

Doctor Icon (Review of medical evaluation) = Review status by our doctor will be handled in 24-48 hours to try for an approval based on questionnaire answers.

Yellow clock = Evaluation is expiring soon.

Red Triangle with ! = Approval is expired and needs to be updated. They can be re-invited by clicking the three dots and having a credit allocated directly to their already established account.

Sleeping Icon that is grayed out = Account is deactivated. The user will be able to log in but won't have access to a questionnaire. We can't delete the accounts because the medical approval and data needs to be stored for 30 years as a regulation. Deactivation is to keep the data but make it so the account is only used to retrieve records.